Here is all you need to know regarding Shipping & Delivery. Please read this prior to making a purchase. We aim to be transparent in our information and if you have any questions, please feel free to email us, we are more than happy to guide you through. 

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What is the shipping fee and how long will it take?

We will process your order as soon as it has been received, however, orders can still take a few days before it leaves our facility. When your package is ready to be dispatched, you will receive an email with the tracking information.






EURO ZONE 1 Austria 3-18 DAYS € 3,95 ORDERS OVER €60
EURO ZONE 2 Finland 6-18 DAYS € 6,95 ORDERS OVER €60
EURO ZONE 3 Croatia 15-35 DAYS 6,95 ORDERS OVER €60
Hong Kong 3-18 DAYS € 5,95 € 5,95
Australia 15-35 DAYS € 6,95 ORDERS OVER €65
New Zealand 6-18 DAYS € 6,95 ORDERS OVER €65
United States 6-18 DAYS € 5,95 ORDERS OVER €40
Canada 6-18 DAYS € 6,95 ORDERS OVER €65
BRAZIL 15-35 DAYS € 6,95 ORDERS OVER €65


Is Duty/ Import Tax included in the price?

Absolutely! All import duties & VAT have been included in the price. There is nothing worse than having to be surprised with unforeseen extra costs! What you pay at the store is final.

* Why am I receiving a partial order?

Since March 2021, we dispatch from 2 locations (Rotterdam & Asia) thus, you will sometimes be receiving your order in multiple packages. When each package is dispatched, we will send an email to let you know what items to be expected & the track & trace code to follow the shipment. So, don't be alarmed when you receive a partial order, check our email first to see if the items expected are correct. If you're still unsure, send chat to us using the Live Chat function or simply send us an email and we'll be able to tell you more in detail!  

*Want to find out a little more detail, go to the 'Why have we split our distribution?' section located further down the page. 

How to use your tracking information?

When a parcel has left our facilities, you will receive an email with the tracking information to follow it. There are generally 2 parts of this delivery. The tracking from Asia to your destination country and the tracking from the sorting centre in your destination country to your front door.  

The tracking info would include the 'next tracking numbers' that will inform you which courier & what is the local tracking. You will be able to find out more detail there. Information on how to arrange redeliveries/ pick ups etc. 

We're still working towards a way to give you a clear and concise but enough information to follow your package, meanwhile, if you're unsure, please email us & we will happily assist you! 

I've missed a delivery, what do I do?

If you're not home at the point of delivery, don't worry!  If the shipping company has missed you, they generally return on the following business day. In the case that you have missed all delivery attempts, you will receive a notification through the letter box, email/ SMS that your parcel will be delivered to a Parcel Shop near you to pick up

How do I pick up my package?

You should have received a postcard through your postbox. It will include the information about PICK UP location and how long you have to The parcel will usually be available for pick up for up to one week. 

What happens if I have missed the Pick Up?

The parcel will be returned to the sorting centre. We will send you a final email notification about it. We are able to arrange for a final delivery to you.

The cost of the final delivery will be your responsibility. This cost is charged by the shipping company and not by us, we are simply arranging that final delivery. It is usually between €5 - 10. 

Should we fail to get a response from you, the product will be terminated at the logistics company's sorting centre and you will not be receiving a refund from us.

It is unfortunately a long and expensive process, so please pick up within the specified time period. Customers may choose to cancel their order, the extra shipping cost and import duties we have already paid will be deducted from the refund total. 

What happens if there's an error with my address?

Please do check that the address provided is correct. Missing house number or abbreviated street names happens more often than you expect! 

Once the package has left our facility, we are unable to change the shipping address. The package will be returned to the sorting centre and please see the above point for what will happen next.

Item has arrived faulty or damaged, what do I do?

Please go to our Refund and Return Policy for more information

I have received the wrong item, what's next?

Please go to our Refund and Return Policy for more informationI think my parcel is lost, what do I do?

Lost packages?

A parcel can get lost through transit. If your tracking is stuck & it is way past our shipping period, please contact us via email to enquire. We will look into the tracking for you & find out what has happened to your parcel. 99% of the time, it's probably DHL/ DPD struggling a little to cope with demand. If in the rare occasion that it is lost, we will send a new parcel out to you at no extra cost to you. 

* Why have you split our distribution?

We have had customers asking - 'I thought The Linea Home is a Dutch company, why does my shipping label says Asia?' and we want to address this so you, as a consumer is assured.

The Linea Home is a Dutch company, base in Rotterdam. We have been around since 2017 and we continue to be. Since March 2021, The Linea Home has decided to set up a distribution in China.

Regardless of the origin of the products, they ALL arrive there & packages are delivered straight from there to customers destinations. This is because, during the Covid times, smaller retailers like ourselves simply couldn't get shipping slots easily, when we do, the shipping costs have increased dramatically and on top of that shipping prices out from NL has increased tremendously, we would have to increase our prices so much, that it would basically be the end of The Linea Home that we have been building since 2017. 

So, as all entrepreneurs do, we think outside the box & change our tactics. By creating this distribution location, we are able to streamline our shipping process, introduce a much wider range of products and to be able to ship to more countries than we ever did before. This also allow us to keep our prices as low as we are able to, stay competitive & more importantly interesting.

One thing has not changed ~ we get products that we think are great, not only are they practical, smart, but looks good in your home. We get these products, we test them, use them before they hit our store and to you. 

As with any businesses, there will always be challenges ahead. But we love what we do, we love how The Linea Home has grown, we hope you can see the passion and hard work we put into every aspect on The Linea Home and we will continue to learn & improve the store to make it a great place for you to visit over and over again!