Who doesn't love a bargain? Check out what cute Japanese home living products at The Linea Home are on sales this week in this section! We also have a load of Bundle Offers, not to be missed!   

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Candy Cloud Slippers

$31.00 $26.00
Sakura pinkCotton whiteLemon yellowLavender purpleInky black

Gyoza Dumpling Maker

$10.00 – $11.00
Sakura pinkCotton whiteGrass greenPowder blue

Yakult Water Bottle

$14.00 $11.00
Peach pink - transparentAvocado green - transparentStrawberry red - transparentBanana yellow - transparentAvocado green - opaquePeach pink - opaqueStrawberry red - opaqueBanana yellow - opaque

Sammie the Shark Flip Flop

Coral pink sharkTangerine orangeSunshine yellowOcean blueSandstone biegeApple greenNori greenAquamarine blueLavender purpleCool greyMidnight black

Sakura Teaspoon 4 PCS Set

$18.00 $12.00
Golden sakura (set of 4)Silver sakura (set of 4)Golden rose petal (set of 4)

Dance Dance Kitty Cat Holder

$9.00 – $34.00
White catPinstrip catSpotty catMunchkin catSiamese catGrey orientalSet of 5

Kawaii Donburi Bowl

$31.00 $26.00
Moon rabbitShiba inuHoney bunnyLucky waving catPink daruma

Kitty Cat Teaspoon

$6.00 – $18.00
Gold kittySilver kittyGold kitty (set of 4)Silver kitty (set of 4)