Welcome to The Linea Home. 

If you travel to Tokyo, you need to roam around Harajuku (原宿), THE hub for Japanese pop culture. On the surface, Harajuku is this pink explosion of fashion & craziness. Harajuku is bright, bold and colourful. It is vibrant, and for me, Harajuku represents the ultimate freedom of expression.

At The Linea Home, we hope to embrace that freedom and bring you products that are not just cute for the sake of being cute, but products that are colourful, cheeky, clever items that can be used in your everyday life, and importantly, that are environmentally aware. We want to bring you products that are thoughtful and well designed, iconic products that a true Japan fan will recognise!

We are excited to see the Harajuku culture is greatly embraced in the Netherlands through the numerous events happening in the Netherlands, Germany & Belgium and we want to continue to find a hub to celebrate this community of individuality. The Linea Home is an independent store which means that we are able keep changing and improving and to bring you exciting and new products that we discovered to keep things fresh, so do follow us on Instagram @thelineahome to show us your support  and subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive offers to our supporters.

Meet The Linea Home Team

We are looking forward to growing as a brand and we feel it is important that you get to know our team as it grows.


Kerrie Sumyi Ho

Hong Kong-born foodie, who grew up in Kuala Lumpur and the North East of England. She worked as an Architect for various projects with a particular passion for Transforming Heritage Building to a Modern Use and Contemporary Asian Design. She is now owner of The Linea Home which is based in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.



We are committed to presenting you the best homeware Asia has to offer. Every product sold at The Linea Home goes through a rigorous and seriously picky selection process. We want to make sure that you receive the best.


There is no such thing as too much trouble. If you have a question or a request to make your shopping experience just a little bit more special, just ASK! Email us at hello@thelineahome.nl


We ensure that we are GREEN! We select products that are low maintenance and most importantly products that LAST. We ensure that our packaging materials are recyclable, better still, we encourage customers to re-use our packaging.


We love CHANGE and we like to stay ahead! We believe that the best designers would keep reinventing the wheel and refining. Do stay in touch by signing up to our newsletter to receive the latest news, products, events, occasional free tickets to some of the cool events we participate in and SALES!