Small Gift under €15

In this section you will find all the kawaii gift ideas to fill that gift box! Be it Birthday, House Warming, Valentine's Day, or Christmas, we got ya!

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Cutesy Hand Warmer

$17.00 $11.00
Onesie maisieSakura ariesCookie bearGateau bunnyStrawberry bunnyFluffy momoOnesie pandaOnesie bearGrey bear

Kimono Umbrella

$22.00 $20.00
Sakura pinkHokkaido lavenderSnow whiteMidnight blackMaple redMeadow yellow

Dance Dance Kitty Cat Holder

$9.00 – $34.00
White catPinstrip catStripy catSpotty catMunchkin catSiamese catGrey tokineseGrey orientalChausie catSet of 5

Kitty Cat Teaspoon

$6.00 – $18.00
Gold kittySilver kittyGold kitty (set of 4)Silver kitty (set of 4)

Origami Chopsticks Stand (2)

Pale blue (set of 2)Sunrise yellow (set of 2)Hinomaru red (set of 2)Cotton white (set of 2)

Kawaii Cushions

Oversized cola bottleTomay-to tomatoSoda pop canI love chocolate

Kitty Cat Tea and Coffee Coasters (Set of 4 & 6)

$17.00 – $22.00
Sassy cat (set of 4)Cuddly cat (set of 4)Chubby cat (set of 4)Playful cat (set of 4)Grumpy cat (set of 4)Fluffy cat (set of 4)I love them all (set of 6)

Kawaii Drinking Straw Topper

Over the rainbowRed strawberryPink strawberryPink sakuraWhite sakuraYou are my sunshineAngel heartLove heartBlack cat pawWhite cat pawOopsy daisyMoby the whaleBlue cactusGreen cactusBlue succulentChristmas tree

Donut Spoon and Fork Set (4)

Strawberry cheesecake (4)Peach parfait (4)Mint chocolate (4)Choco lemon (4)All flavour

Kawaii Lollipop Hair Accessories Set

$10.00 – $18.00
Midori greenBlueberry popRaspberry heartSet of 3 ( 2 each)