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In this Kawaii Shop Section, you will find ALL the cutest and fluffiest Slippers, Flip Flops and Socks to help you stay extra cosy.

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Candy Cloud Slippers

€28,00 €18,50
Sakura pinkCotton whiteLemon yellowLavender purpleInky black

Electric Tatami Slippers

€29,50 €27,50
Electric pinkMidnight blackUltra blueAcid yellow

Tatami Cushion Slippers

Candy pinkTangerine orangeLemon yellowPistachio greenPure whiteCool greyCharcoal black

Sammie the Shark Flip Flop

€29,50 €26,50
Coral pink sharkSunset orange sharkSandy biege sharkSeashell yellow sharkSunshine yellow sharkLime green sharkAqua marine sharkNori green sharkReef purple sharkLight grey sharkVolcanic grey sharkOcean blue shark

Cushy Kawaii Socks

Crescent moonLavender night skyOver the rainbowHot air balloonLost in spacePlanet meow

MoMo Bunny Slippers

€20,00 €17,50
Sakura pinkCherry redCool greyLavender purple

Honey Bear Flip Flop

€19,95 €17,95
Coral bluePeachy pinkPistaschio greenTangerine orange