Halloween Collection

Spooky Season has begun at The Linea Home. You will find all the kawaii homeware with kawaii Black Cats, Cute Ghosts and Cool Skull in this section. Get in the mood of Gothic Kawaii.

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Kuro & Shiro Kitty Cat Slippers

Shiro | white catsShiro | black catsShiro | bw catsKuro | white catsKuro | black catsKuro | bw cats

Dance Dance Kitty Cat Holder

$9.00 – $33.00
White catPinstrip catStripy catSpotty catMunchkin catSiamese catGrey tokineseGrey orientalChausie catSet of 5

Midnight Cat Enamel Pins

Hippie catDaisy catVegan catMiranda catLiquid catCutesy catFreaky catGrumpy cat

Meowy Night Night Eye Mask

$11.00 – $15.00
Candy catGreycie catSnowy catPepper catSet of 2 (candy & snowy)Set of 2 (candy & greycie)

Spooky Yurei Enamel Pins

$9.00 – $18.00
Never been betterI'm ok nowThis is fineYou're safe with meSet of 4

Hold My Hands Pop Socks

$10.00 – $11.00
2d eyes | white2d eyes | black3d eyes | white3d eyes | black

JiJi Cat T-shirt

Cotton whiteSoft greyFossil greyBubble teaSakura pinkCherry redMulberry redBaby blueNippon blueNavy blueMidnight black