Kitty Cat Collection

If you love Cats, you will love The Linea Home. We have everything from Mugs to Bowls, Water Bottles, Teaspoons to Hand Warmers covered. Grab these Cute Cat things online for your cat lover friends or just treat yourself to a cute cat gift, you deserve it!

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Dance Dance Kitty Cat Holder

€7,50 – €30,00
White catPinstrip catStripy catSpotty catMunchkin catSiamese catGrey tokineseGrey orientalChausie catSet of 5

Snuggly Cat Bowls

€42,50 €32,50
Pink sleepy catPink hungry catBlue black catBlue cookie cat

Kitty Cat Teaspoon

€20,00 €14,00
Gold kitty spoons (set of 4)Silver kitty spoons (set of 4)

Kitty Cat Tea and Coffee Coasters (Set of 4 & 6)

€12,00 – €13,95
Sassy cat (set of 4)Cuddly cat (set of 4)Chubby cat (set of 4)Playful cat (set of 4)Grumpy cat (set of 4)Fluffy cat (set of 4)I love them all (set of 6)

Kitty Cat Cushions

Graffiti catBlue sky catStripey catGeometric catChequered catMeowy catHippy catYuzu catPolka dot catsRetro catsDiamond cat