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From Entrance mats to Furoshiki, cute Hand Towels to Table Cloths.. You will find the most kawaii design in this section.

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Capybara Plushy Mat

Yuzu capybaraChillax capybaraTaiyaki capybaraMusic capybara

Cherry Blossom Furoshiki

Canteloupe orangeDaisy yellowMeadow greenSky blueLavender purple

Ikimono 3 in 1 Cushion Blanket Set

€22,50 – €28,80
Sakura bunnyPeachy piggyFluffy kittyCherry toastRaspberry bunnyIchigo kitty

Cuddly Mochi Plush

€26,50 – €36,50
White happy mochiWhite sleepy mochiGrey happy mochiGrey sleepy mochi

Kawaii Cushions

Cola bottle bolsterTomay-to tomatoSoda pop canChocolate love