All About LOVE

Love is all around in this section ~ if you're looking for a gift for your bae, your bestie or you just love love, you will love this section.. items that come as a pair, and filled with love hearts,

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Hold My Hands Pop Socks

€9,20 – €9,95
2d eyes | white2d eyes | black3d eyes | white3d eyes | black

Love You To The Moon And Back Mug

€22,50 – €26,50
Cosmos whitePowder blueGalaxy pinkMidnight blue

Hug-Me Alpaca Massager

€120,00 €98,00
Raspberry alpacaSakura alpacaSnowy alpaca

Candy Bear Earrings

€9,50 €8,50
Galaxy bearRaspberry bearLavender bearLemon lime bear

M&M Earrings

€12,00 €9,50
Sakura pinkRose pinkRed & whiteClassic redChocolate orangeLemon yellowMidori melonGreen appleMulled wineTiffany blueRainbow pop

Cuddly Bear Drinking Glass

€18,80 €15,00
Matcha greenIcy clearSweet caramelAqua marine

Candy Cloud Slippers

€28,00 €21,50
Sakura pinkCotton whiteLemon yellowLavender purpleInky black

NOT TODAY! Kitty Cat Sweater

€42,00 €35,00
Cotton whiteCream caramelPowder greyWarm greySku blueSakura pinkRaspberry red

Kuro & Shiro Kitty Cat Slippers

€35,00 €28,95
Shiro | white catsShiro | black catsShiro | bw catsKuro | white catsKuro | black catsKuro | bw cats

Tutti Fruitti Coffee Mug

€23,50 – €25,50
Sweet strawberryCreamy avocadoJuicy peachZesty lemon

Pastel Lollipop Earrings

€12,50 €9,50
Sakura candyRaspberry candyYuzu candyApple candyGrape candyBubblegum candyStrawberry swirlMelon swirl